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What You need to know before purchasing a property 

When purchasing a second-hand property...

The procedures for acquiring second-hand properties in the UK are relatively complicated.

We definitely recommend this service to customers who are familiar to our operation,

or individuals that we have personally done business with.

Although the process is more complicated, the reward will be significantly expand.

The pre-purchase procedures are very important.

Firstly, an inspection must be carried out

in person, to look at different aspects of the property such as the measurement of

foundation, condition of indoor and outdoor areas.

All these factors contribute to an accurate value assessment.

Post-purchase refurbishment and repair estimates are required,

and it’s only then the land survey and surveyor’s report can be filed.

If financial loans are needed, an official surveyor’s evaluation by the bank will be required.

The entire process takes at least two to four months. After the property is handed over,

renovation will begin. For example: indoor and outdoor design changes, expansion,

furniture materials, as well as equipment replacement, etc.

Family Viewing House
購買物業需知: News and Updates
House Viewing

When purchasing a first-hand residential property...

We provide professional advice on first-hand real estate, with various pros and cons

analysis including: regional facilities, transportation network, appreciation potential and soon. We provide the full service: from contacting and developing the sales party to signing the contract, all without additional charge.


According to British law, the buyer must have a legal adviser recognized by the UK

to sign the contract, in order to preserve all legal rights of the buyer.

Our legal team can work with you to take care of the buyer's interests. For example,

developers will provide free maintenance within one year of repossession, as new buildings tend to wear and tear over time due to the environment and weather in the UK.

And it is for that reason, building inspection is absolutely necessary.

Our property maintenance team will also complete the inspection process for you if needed.

If a mortgage loan is required, our very own network of professional financial partners

will sort out related matters for you.

With our many years of experience, team expertise and partnership network,

We will be able to provide you with a stress-free real estate purchase experience.

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