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Showing an Apartment

Service Introduction

What We Provide

置業服務簡介: Services
Contract Paper Signing

Property Introduction

Our team in the UK will collect and provide you

with information of high-quality first-hand and second-hand real estate , to cater for the different needs of customers(investment or self-use)


Legal counsel

Our team has reliable and professional real estate lawyers

that pledge to take care of you and provide you with everything that you need .

Leasing a Home

Property management

A dedicated person will contact the tenant in the UK

to provide all information about related maintenance services and

arrangements for the property after the lease

For example: water, electricity and gas certificates, housing insurance, damages, garden repairs and aging and disrepair, etc.

We also work with professional technicians to provide related services.


Leasing commission

Our team liaises and follows up on rental arrangements,

and carefully pick tenants that we think are of best quality.

Services include leasing advertisements, lease terms and conditions,

rent pricing, payment processing, tenant selection,

a list of furniture and appliances when tenants move in, etc.,

We also propose reasonable rental prices

and arrangements for property inspections.

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