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You can apply for UK residency

if you meet the following conditions

Eligible to BNO citizenship as a


- BNO passport holder, or


- Hong Kong resident born before 1st July 1997, or


- Spouse of a BNO citizen (engaged or otherwise), or


- Child of a BNO citizen*, or


- Family member of a BNO citizen*


- Person who is financially dependent to the BNO citizen 


*If one of their parents holds BNO status, they can apply together as a family unit


1. Be able to demonstrate their ability to accommodate and support themselves in the UK for at least six months


2. Demonstrate a commitment to learn English in the UK (On entry, there will be no English language requirements but applicants will require a good knowledge of the English language if they choose later to make an application for settled status after five years)


3. Have no serious criminal convictions


​Hong Kong BNO Visa holders may stay in the UK for an initial period of 30 months’ leave, renewable by a second application for further 30 months. Alternatively, applicants can apply for 5 years’ leave. Meanwhile, they will be eligible for employment and education, but not social welfare (except from the National Health Service) .


After 5 years’ leave, they may apply for UK citizenship after 12 months of settlement. Afterwards, they will be eligible for social welfare. 


Do you have a BNO status? How to prove that I have BNO status?

For any questions about residence or immigration in the UK, please call 25608863 for inquiries.

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